A careful and thorough investigation into grievances, harassment complaints, disciplinary and capability issues is the foundation on which defences in Tribunal proceedings will stand or fall and it is at the heart of ensuring fairness for all employees. Employers wishing to reduce risk, create and maintain a positive workplace culture and foster confidence in management need to have experienced and trained manager investigators available at short notice to conduct workplace investigations as the need arises.

This one day workshop is aimed at supporting managers to help them understand what the law and best practice demands of investigators and their investigations and how to conduct a good investigation and write a credible and reliable report. It is a serious subject but delivered in a practical, interactive and relevant way by experienced qualified lawyers using exercises, quiz questions and case studies
which are fun and engrossing.

As with all our courses, our lawyer trainers are able to bring a host of war stories to bear to illustrate how to do things right and what not to do.

Overall the intention is to give managers confidence that they can perform their role as investigators and reduce financial and reputation risks to the organisation by ensuring that the reports they produce stand up to scrutiny in legal proceedings.

Our workshop will enable delegates to:

1. Appreciate the key legal context in which investigators operate and enable managers to understand the importance of their role as investigators.

2. Understand the key points to consider in carrying out an investigation from agreeing the terms of reference, taking good interview notes, to writing the report.

3. Understand where things can go wrong and how to avoid the bear traps.

4. Appreciate the importance of following procedures and policies and the ACAS code. 

5. Have the confidence to investigate and report.

6. Know how to go about writing an investigation report.

7. Refresh their memories on how the legal tests in discrimination law work so that these can be dealt with in any discrimination investigation.

Who is this workshop aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at those individuals with responsibility for conducting workplace investigations whether they are experienced investigators or completely new to it. HR officers will also find the course of significant
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