This training aims to equip delegates with the right tools to run a well-managed and legally compliant redundancy exercise.

It will provide delegates with greater awareness of the obligations and implications that arise when dealing with individual and collective redundancy exercises. Delegates will have an increased confidence and competence in managing these programmes from the initial strategic stage, through to the project planning stage and finally being hands-on during the operational stage.

The workshop will cover the key issues to consider and determine when managing a redundancy exercise, including an ability to:-

  • Identify when collective consultation obligations are triggered
  • Understand how to draw up selection pools including consideration of the requirements to consider different sites as one or more establishments
  • Drawing up selection criteria and applying weighting to those criteria
  • Appreciate when a re-organisation may or may not lead to redundancy dismissals
  • Understand the collective and individual consultation steps to follow that will ensure a fair redundancy procedure


Suitable For: senior management and directors